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Scoil Phádraig, Ballyhale, County. Kilkenny

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NEW Healthy Lunches Policy

School Policy on Healthy Lunches


Healthy lunches Consultation

The Board of Management, Parents Association and the Staff of Scoil Phádraig, in line with the healthy eating guidelines and the associated problems with obesity, have worked together on the following policy.


In drawing up this policy the school has consulted with all parties.


Health Board

The H.S.E. works hard to promote healthy eating habits among school children.

Other sources: (Health Service Executive – Healthy Eating and Nutrition) (Food Safety Authority of Ireland) (Safe Food – Healthy Eating)


Aim of the policy

Through these guidelines Scoil Phádraig, Ballyhale, aims to help all members of the school community; parents, pupils and staff, to develop positive and responsible attitudes to eating and to appreciate the importance of good food to health and general well-being – good teeth, increased concentration, enhanced energy levels etc.



The food children eat is known to be a key influence on their general health. We encourage the use of foods such as popcorn, fruit, yogurts (that are easy to open), rice cakes and crackers.


Healthy choices for drinks would include water and milk.  We have been running our Water on Wednesday scheme for 18 months now and have tried Water Week and Water Month. This initiative will continue but primarily the healthiest drink to bring to school every day is water.



Suggested healthy choices for school lunches include:

Sandwich, roll, bread, crackers, pitta bread, rice cakes, pasta, rice, fruit, salad.

Milk and water as drinks.


Children are encouraged to use a lunchbox as this reduces litter.


All litter connected with children’s lunches is to be brought home in the lunchbox.


Older children will be encouraged to help younger children with their lunches where possible.


Provision of information

Classes will be taught lessons on healthy eating in an age-appropriate manner.  The school will keep records of the percentage of water in each class and an overall class will receive a trophy at the end of each month.  There will now be no treat day.  We have been phasing this idea into the school for the last 12 months and it has worked very successfully.  Again the statistics show that over 90% of children have stopped bringing a treat on a Friday anyway.

We are also trying to encourage the children to continue to bring “Fruit on Friday” which is another initiative we have started.  Of course bringing fruit or chopped vegetables does not have to be confined to just Friday.



We are confident that parents will give a high level of support to this policy, recognising that it is aimed solely at the welfare of their children and the development of good habits for life.


Teachers will be making spot checks on lunch boxes from time to time with the aim of praising and encouraging the healthy lunches the children have brought. The approach will be positive and encouraging. We also will look at doing the Food Dudes in the coming years.  We have participated in this program twice in the last number of years and it proved very successful.


We would also ask parents to be sensible and to encourage healthy eating both at home and in school. 
The school is also trying to adopt a “Nut Free School”. 
We have some children who have an allergic reaction to nuts and by adopting the “Nut Free School” idea we can eliminate the risk.
This would rule out all forms of nuts and nut products. (Including Nutella).

The classes affected have been very good to avoid sending nut products to school and we would urge all parents to try and avoid sending such products.



The following rules should be regarded as part of the code of behaviour of the school, as approved by the Board of Management.


1. The following items are banned from the school, including school outings, on all occasions, including treat days:


- Red Bull and similar stimulant drinks

- Chewing Gum

- Crisps

- Cans or glass containers

- Coke and all fizzy drinks


2. Chocolate, biscuits, sweets (including “fruit winders”)

 are not allowed.


3. Teachers will adopt a positive and encouraging approach to this policy. However, if a pupil is found to have banned or disallowed items these will be taken and returned to the child on request, at home time.


Persistent breaches of the policy will be treated in the same way as any persistent misbehaviour, as outlined in the school code of discipline.


4. From time to time, teachers may give sweets as prizes in class. This will be done in the context of an overall policy of healthy eating in the school.

Similarly, exceptions may be made on special occasions, such as a visit to the school by members of the Kilkenny team etc.



It has been decided by the Board of Management that this Policy is to be effective in the school from 18th October 2016.)